Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Updates and News!

Well it's definitely been a while since I've updated my blog, as far as chases goes the Herrick day was my last chase worth mentioning.

This post is going to get into the more personal side of things as in what's been going on in my life lately. First I have been searching for a new job because I am very un-happy with where I'm at right now. The management at this place is horrible. I have 6 direct contacts to answer to on every issue that I come across, and if you know anything about the IT profession issues are very common! What bothers me the most is if I have an issue and I'm working on resolving the issue many times one of the 6 comes up to me and tries to pull me away from what I'm doing and have me do something completely different. Yes I know I should always listen to my bosses but when each of them has their own agenda and some of those agendas I don't feel have the best interest of the company in mind especially when I'm working on an issue that affects production and they want me to go to their computer and see why their speakers aren't working. (many time's it's been because the speakers were muted, yes it's that ridiculous) It just isn't right, I've been at it almost 4 years and it's making me a bad person working here because it's getting really hard to leave work at work and not take it home. That's not fair to Jill, she deserves a happy husband and some days it's nearly impossible for me to drop the emotions when I come home. So enough rambling... I am searching very hard for a new job, I've had one offer but I turned it down because it was in Sioux Falls and didn't cost justify, I've also had a phone interview that I feel went really well and I hope to hear back soon because I'm about ready to snap if something doesn't come around soon.

I know a lot of people don't like their job and I understand and feel for you completely, my situation is a little different because I love what I do, it's a great job, I just hate how mis-managed this place is, it almost breaks my heart because I know if this place was properly managed it could flourish and become huge but it never will because we have our backs up against a brick wall until something major changes here. Their solution to increase production is to add this VERY expensive laser instead of automate their existing setup, their current production rates are around 50-60% per each machine where as automation would increase that to around 80%. They didn't want to hear me out on this subject because I'm just a stupid IT person, what would I know about running a business. Well a lot actually, my parents started a Bar & Grill that was very successful and I have a moonlighting consulting business that my business partner and I started and it's completely self sustaining, we haven't had any need to seek outside money to keep it afloat. So yes I do know some about running/managing a business.

Anyways enough rambling about my job and how unhappy I am ;) I really am not that un-happy, I have a great life, wife, family, friends, pets, home, community, etc. What more could anyone really need? I just remind myself everyday that God has a plan and that he's going to get me through this. He's been my rock through this and I just need to be reminded that patience is key in seeking new employment.

Through the past couple months there has been some developments as far as the Chase Team goes, basically what happened is 2 of our admins created Extreme Weather Media (EXM), this company brokers footage of chasers to major media outlets for the benefit of the chaser so they don't have to be calling ton's of places during the chase. Extreme Weather Chase Team (EXWX) is a part of EXM, and I am the new team lead of EXWX. We will be working directly with EXM so both sides benefit. We are seeking new chasers so if you or anyone you know is interested please visit our website for the application.

Another thing I've been doing is working out a lot, I can't believe how well this makes you feel, it's a stress reliever and I never thought being so sore was a good thing!

Last but not least is hunting, I got my first deer while bow hunting this year, it was a great experience and I loved every minute of it. I also did some bird hunting, I don't think I actually knocked one bird down, I know I winged a couple but I can't claim one as my own. Gauge (my weimaraner) did ok when he felt like it, the other times he was just plain old lazy... he still needs some work, ugh!

I'm sure there is a ton more that I can talk about but I'm short on time, so check back later. I'll post some winter weather stats sometime.

Monday, July 26, 2010

7-23-10 Herrick, SD Tornado

Well what a needle in the haystack find this was. We left Sioux Falls, SD at 3:30 and headed west on I90 towards Chamberlain. We arrived in Chamberlain around 6:00 and started watching the storms directly west of us and debated on crossing the river and staying on the East side but we could tell the storm was moving slow so we crossed the river and continued West, we got cored just East of Presho, SD (the national record hailstone fell approx 8 minutes before then in Vivian, SD from the same storm) and turned South on Hwy 183. Being on the backside of the storm while most other chasers were on the leading edge gave us an advantage to get the needle in the haystack. We stopped a couple time along Hwy 183 and watched the outflow/inflow areas with some great views of hail shafts and then we got to Hwy 46 and came up on the roation that was just forming. From there we chased it down to Hwy 18 towards Herrick, SD where we caught this beautiful tornado!

Inflow/Outflow Area

Wall Cloud by Winner, SD

Tornado by Herrick, SD

Spencer, NE area, leading edge of storm

Same as above

This storm was truely one of the most beautiful storms I have seen, the contrast and depth of colors were absolutly amazing!

This might have been the last "good" setup chase this year so it was a great way to possibly close out the year.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Season's coming to a close

It's July already!?!?! WOW, that's hard to believe, this year has flown by. Looking into this past severe season I am super proud of myself and the rest of the team/members that I've chased with and now-casted for.

I have my updated 2010 stats on the side of the home page and I am very happy with how 2010 turned out. By far the best chase day that I had was May 22nd in Bowdle, SD we witnessed 7 tornado's that day and one of those was a massive wedge that we were sitting no more than 1/4 mile from. Every other chase that I went on was  a CAP gamble but I never did have a blue sky bust. One was close and that was April 29th, we were on our way to the target south of Omaha but while we were eating in Missourri Valley there as a discrete cell SW of Sioux City, this cell had rotation well defined within it so we baled on the South target (oops bad mistake) by the time we intercepted the updraft was really struggling and as soon as it hit the Missourri River it completely died so being it was 7:30ish we packed up and went home.

2010 was also more than a big year for me it was a huge year for Extreme Weather Chase Team we have gained a ton of knowledge, intercepted over 20 tornado's this year and made national media! Marc Hicks deserves a huge pat on the back because he was super agressive this year and really got the team rolling. We are also associated with Black Cloud Media so we will most likely be making national media more often.

I just want to say thanks to everyone and especially Jill for supporting this hobby of mine. The rest of the year I'm planning on staying very local unless there is a great setup which I'm sure there will be one or maybe two more this year but I won't hold my breath. I will make an account later with all of this years greatest pics.

Thanks for following!

Friday, June 18, 2010

6-17-10 = Bustish for me.... win for many others

We were determined to stay in IA last night but only being 1/2 of a county away we should have ran up to MN to get to the late show, we could have made it for a couple nados but we wanted to see it keep back building and eventually get crazy in IA. Well that never happened, for some reason it decided to stay insane in MN!!! Marc Hicks, Mike Vetter, and John Stone ended up getting 8 total tornados, 3 of which were wedges!!!

Here's a short video for now, I will post the whole video as soon as it's done getting edited...